Ghumte Hill

Ghumte hill is the highest hill in the Baglung district. It's also taken as honor of Galkot. On of the Ghumte lakh we can find many historical and religious instruments. Ghumte Hill is a Tourist Place of Galkot. From of the top of it we can see many place of the Nepal. Ghumte Galkot is the marvellous and impressive place for the tourism area of Baglung district of Nepal. Only walking through ups and downs in the diferent places surrounding by ghumte consisting lali gurans specially in white and red that hypnotic beauty can touch the heart of every people.the growling sound of river like daram and gaudi etc makes the environment perfect for trekking people. Ghumte lekh and kalilekh that surrounds galkot which is located arounf 50 to 60 km from the baglung bazaar. the spectacular views of pokhara can be given seen from the top of ghumte also proivides holy plce ie temple of siddha and bhairam Devta people mainly visit Ghumte during Baishak purnima as a festival of Buddha Purnima.

ghumte Hill

Ghumte is really a beautiful and Rromantic Hill and it is a main tourist sector in this area. Ghumte Hill is also taken as honor of Galkot Baglung Nepal.