Galkot Temple

Galkot Ghumte TempleNepal is rich in different holly places like wise Galkot is also famous and well known for different temple the main temple which gives identity to Galkot is in Ghumte Hill that is holy place which is temple of Siddha Devta and Bhairam Devta. Every year on Baishak Purnima as a festival of Buddha Purnima most people visit in this holy place.
Since Galkot consits varisous places one of them is haitya with the holy place know as Shivalaya Mandir. Many people for different places cames here specially in Maha Shivaratri. Also Kottan Mandir is considered to be the one of the holy places of it.
Different places of Galkot consits specific temple people visit there worship God and Goddesses according to the respected festival Like wise Joikuti Mandir one of the holy places lies in Hairchour, Baskhola Mandir in Malma Baskhola and also different holy places in follwoing lalnd i.e Mulpani, Narayansthan, Kandebas, Heela,Lekhani, Pandavkhani.