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Ghumte Hill is as the Marvellous &Impressive place for the tourism and it is aslo taken as honor of Galkot is one of the most beautiful place in Baglung district of Nepal.
Ghumte hill is the highest hill in the Baglung district. It's also taken as honor of Galkot. On of the Ghumte lakh we can find many historical and religious instruments. Ghumte Hill is a Tourist Place of Galkot. From of the top of it we can see many place of the Nepal.
We can develop this in scientific method, Galkot can be Tourism area, observation area religious place and observation place for anthropologist and sociologist.
Baglung district is also in the shape like of map of Nepal and also know as district of bridges. It consist many beautifully places and one of the cool and peaceful land along with natural beauty is Galkot. In Galkot more than 6000 Meter hills are located one of the famous hills Ghumte. For the trekkers it is one of the perfect place for trekking.